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Welcome To Perth Ceiling Restoration

Perth Ceiling Restoration, located in the North Perth area, offer a wide-range of solutions for your ceilings. Our range of services extends much beyond ceilings too. And in this regard, attic and roof installations, erecting a Gyprock drywall, and any patch work service and more are also carried out by our installers.

In more than 90% of the cases, we can say with conviction that our contractors or specialists can help repair a sagging or damaged ceiling without any hassle and can help save the cost of having to replace it.

In the event you are facing any niggling issue in your roof or ceilings and also as part of our services, we carry out a free inspection and we determine the extent of damage or issues therein. And based on our findings, we convey to our client’ what needs to be done. And we offer a cost-effective method and when undertaking the ceiling service, we see to that minimal disruption or no disruption is caused to you or anyone residing with you.

For Perth Ceiling Restoration it’s not just about a project or installation that our contractors carry out. It’s a lot more than that. It is all about taking pride in restoring your property to its former glory and making your house a home.

And the services that we offer come with this backing:

  • All our work comes with the backing of a 15-year warranty
  • We are fully insured and have over 25 years industry experience
  • When it comes to the materials used in the installation, be it Gyprock or others, the contractors use only quality materials and workmanship is guaranteed
  • We treat your home like a home and not as a worksite
  • We offer good, honest and cost-effective solutions
  • We have received good testimonials and references from our past clients’
  • If the cornice is affected, we will replace or match the existing cornice

To engage our services, for a free no obligations quote, or to know more, call the Gyprock contractors of Perth Ceiling Restoration on 0438 435 932 or 1300 207 680 or write to us at

Our Services

Ceiling Restoration

Ceiling restoration Perth also known as ceiling restrapping Perth, or say ceiling replacement is quite commonplace these days. Basically, the word restoration itself says it all. It means the process of restoring the ceiling or roof to its original way..

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Ceiling Lifting

Ceiling lifting Perth is more common in commercial buildings than in residences. Lift roof is carried out in buildings where the ceiling height is lower and with this method, the height can be increased to whatever you seek and the space crunch is removed..

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Insulation Installation

Have you been advised to get experienced installers to install ceiling insulation in the roof, attic, or ceiling of your North Perth home? And is it because you have been noticing some unusual moisture problem in your home?..

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Insulation Removal

Many reasons or situations give rise to a ceiling insulation removals Perth or ceiling insulation extraction Perth and it is generally not really one reason but multiple reasons put together that necessitates removal of insulation from the ceilings,..

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